The company was founded in 1985 by the Klein Family from Germany. We are located on the Industrial plant of the Arcelor Mittal Steelworks in Differdange - Luxembourg. Currently we have 35 employees. Klein Lux S.A. specializes in blast cleaning, thermal zinc spraying, paint coating and corrosion protection of metal surfaces of any kind, such as Steel beams, flat steel, round steel, square steel, sheets, grilles and railings. Our facility comprises of two halls with a total area of 16,000 m².

In Hall 3 we have two open blasting cabinets. Here is where the zinc plating and manual color coating is carried out. Hall 4 contains an automatic continuous feed system. This equipment is designed to automatically blast structural steel and/or apply a preservative (shop primer). In each hall, loads are transported using two overhead cranes. Each crane can lift 16 tonnes, starting with a beam length of ≥ 19 metres we use both cranes for a total lifting capability of 32 tonnes.
At the Arcelor Mittal plant In Dommeldange (Luxembourg City) we also have a branch which carries out sandblasting and manual production coatings on blast furnace parts, machine parts and steel structures.


Blast cleaning:
-rust removal
-paint removal

Thermal zinc spraying:
-zinc spraying of structural steel such as HEB, HEA, IPE, UPN, T-steel, square steel ...
-zinc spraying of flat steel, flat iron, sheets ...
-zinc spraying of railings, grilles, grille doors ...

Paint coating:
-industrial painting of structural steel such as HEB, HEA, HEM, IPE, UPN, T-steel, square steel ... ...
-painting of flat steel such as Flat iron, sheet ...
-painting of railings, grilles, grille doors ...
-painting with approved corrosion protection materials
-thick layered preservative systems
-pore sealing, intermediate coating, top coating ...

Automatic continuous feed system:
-automatic rust removal/descaling
-preservation by treatment with shop primer and welding primer


Health, safety and environmental protection
We not only strive to achieve our business activity goals but we also prioritise and aim to improve occupational health and safety and in particular the environmental protection in all aspects of our business. We place special emphasis on the correct completion of the technical documentation for each structure that we treat for corrosion protection. Hereby we ensure that we adhere to the strict technical specifications required in the corrosion protection sector as well as and environmental protection laws.

Every Employee at Klein Lux is responsible for a high quality standard of their work. This is only possible by achieving a qualified task force in their own area of expertise. We use the following quality management system to ensure we fulfill all our client contracts in all aspects of the fulfillment process. This starts in the planning stage through to implementation, monitoring and improvement of all quality-related activities. This ensures that we continually improve and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work.

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Director: Andreas Kragl
Frosio Paintinspector Lvl.3

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